Legendary Hurricane Hunters on DesignSafe Radio:
Hal Kibbey and Frank Marks on NOAA

Published on December 14, 2017


(Lt Kevin Doremus / NOAA)


Each week, DesignSafe Radio host Dan Zehner meets amazing individuals involved with hazard research. This hurricane season, Dan has met with two of NOAA’s intrepid hurricane hunters, people whose job it is to fly into hurricanes to gather meteorological data necessary to determine storm strength and direction.

On the November 9 episode, Dan talks hurricanes with former Navy pilot Justin Kibbey, who spent 10 years doing aerial reconnaissance and wartime flights over places like Iraq and Afghanistan. He flew the P-3 Orion, a four-engine turboprop designed to fly low and hunt submarines. Today, Kibbey pilots the P-3 for NOAA’s hurricane hunters, taking a crew of researchers into the heart  -- and eye --  of hurricane storms. 2017 is his eighth season, and he has some stories to tell. LISTEN IN.

On the December 8 show, Dan chats with veteran Hurricane Hunter and meteorologist Frank Marks. Since the 1980s, Marks has flown 10,000 hours on NOAA’s P-3 Orion aircraft, including through many, many hurricanes. Marks, who now leads NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division, has enjoyed learning about hazardous weather all his life. He shares some of his favorite experiences with us. LISTEN IN.