New Projects Underway at University of Florida

Published on July 5, 2017


Two new NSF-funded projects are ramping up for the University of Florida experimental facility.

Richard Christenson from the University of Connecticut (NSF Award 1732213) and Steve Wojtkiewicz from Clarkson University (NSF Award 1732223) recently won a collaborative EAGER project entitled, “Aeroelastic Real-Time Hybrid Simulation for Wind Engineering Experimentation.”

The project will address multiple challenges associated with cyber-physical testing in a wind tunnel, including actuator compensation; stability analysis; and limitations imposed by the size of the computational substructure; the increased time scale of wind tunnel models; and the type and number of sensor measurements. 

Also, Delong Zuo and his colleagues at the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech University (TTU) won a CMMI award to study tornado loading effects on low-rise buildings with consideration of internal pressure (NSF Award 1663363).

The project will compare wind load measurements obtained from the Tornado Simulator at TTU to measurements made on identical building models at the UF Terraformer Wind Tunnel, with the goal of characterizing the difference between nonstationary, non-neutral flows and so-called “straight line” winds.