SimCenter Holds User-Needs Meeting for Workflow Development

Published on November 7, 2017


The NHERI SimCenter held an all-day meeting on October 6, 2017, with invited experts representing target users of SimCenter simulation tools to develop workflow requirements.

The meeting began with presentations by the SimCenter leadership to outline meeting objectives and SimCenter software architecture and implementation. SimCenter senior personnel discussed the use of simulation for hazards including earthquake, tsunami, wind, and storm surge. Additionally, illustrative case studies and workflows in four topic areas were presented:

  • Uncertainty Quantification – Structural/ Solid Mechanics
  • Uncertainty Quantification – Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Performance-Based Engineering – Facilities
  • Performance-Based Engineering – Regional Systems

Afternoon break-out sessions with working groups focusing on the four topic areas enabled participants to discuss and develop specific user requirements, data definitions, and workflow drafts specific to the topic areas.

The entire group of nearly 40 participants reconvened to present summary reports from the break-out sessions and to discuss action items from the day’s meeting.

“We had high expectations before today’s meeting, and this meeting exceeded those expectations. The diversity of intellectual thinking from established researchers, early career researchers, and practitioners fueled many ideas and indicated consensus on tasks that the SimCenter is working on,” said Steve Mahin, SimCenter principal investigator. “Furthermore, the numerous use-cases identified during this meeting illustrated the value of the SimCenter’s role to transform research. We look forward to continue engaging the broader community through discussions in the working groups.”

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