SimCenter Welcomes Nikhil Padhye to the Development Team

Pubilshed on April 27, 2018


The NHERI SimCenter is pleased to announce that Nikhil Padhye, PhD, has joined the software development team, where he will work on enhancing SimCenter optimization and finite element model (FEM) algorithms in conjunction with uncertainty quantification (UQ) methods to expand existing software capabilities. “The SimCenter is fortunate to have hired Dr. Padhye, and we are excited to leverage his background. We look forward to working with him to enhance our software portfolio,” says SimCenter co-director Sanjay Govindjee.

Padhye completed his Bachelor’s-Master’s (BT-MT, Dual-Degree) from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, earned his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was a postdoc at Stanford University. His research interests include applied and computational mechanics, optimization and mechanics of materials. He has research and consulting experience with major manufacturing and energy industries, and he has enabled several key technology transfers from academia to industry. His combined experiences in academia and industry make him a valuable addition to the SimCenter development team.