Data From Recent Hurricane Seasons Available in the Data Depot

DesignSafe Series: What’s New in the Data Depot?

Published July 5, 2018

Image Source: PRJ-1828: RAPID: A Coordinated Structural Engineering Response to Hurricane Irma (in Florida)  

As the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season begins, published datasets available within DesignSafe may be an asset to current research and upcoming critical response time. Eight datasets have been published in the Published section of the Data Depot that document the coastal impacts from recent hurricane seasons. These datasets include field surveys of wind and flood damage to structures, coastal impacts to geotechnical systems, ADCIRC storm surge simulations, and measured wind loads on buildings. Links to these datasets are given below.

Additionally, researchers can browse all Published datasets or use the Reconnaissance Portal to access links to both internal and external reconnaissance data. The full collection of DesignSafe datasets includes: experimental data from the NHERI Experimental Facilities, datasets from numerical simulation. and scripts/analyses of interest to natural hazards researchers.

When referencing this data in your work, please cite the appropriate dataset DOI. If you use DesignSafe for your research, please cite us using our marker paper.

  1. Kijewski-Correa, T. et al. (2018), "RAPID: A Coordinated Structural Engineering Response to Hurricane Irma (in Florida)", DesignSafe-CI [publisher], Dataset, doi:10.17603/DS2TX0C.
  2. Kijewski-Correa, T. et al. (2018), "Hurricane Harvey (Texas) Supplement -- Collaborative Research: Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance (GEER) Association: Turning Disaster into Knowledge" , DesignSafe-CI [publisher], Dataset, doi:10.17603/DS2Q38J.
  3. Dawson, C. et al. (2018), "Hurricane Maria ADCIRC Surge Guidance System Storm Surge Forecasts", DesignSafe-CI [publisher], Dataset, doi:10.17603/DS2V682.
  4. Pinelli, J. et al. (2018), "Measurement & Characterization of Hurricane Wind Loads on Structures Using a Wireless Sensing Networking System", DesignSafe-CI [publisher], Dataset, doi:10.17603/DS2JT3Q
  5. Padgett, J. et all. (2018), "Post-Harvey Houston-Galveston Roadway Bridge Reconnaissance", DesignSafe-CI [publisher], Dataset, doi:10.17603/DS2HM4H.
  6. Stark, N. et al. (2018), "GEER Hurricane Irma - Cape Coral to Key West (initial data collection)", DesignSafe-CI [publisher], Dataset, doi:10.17603/DS2239D.
  7. Stark, N. et al. (2018), "GEER Hurricane Harvey reconnaissance - initial data collection", DesignSafe-CI [publisher], Dataset, undefined.
  8. Kijewski-Correa, T. et al. (2017), "RAPID: Multi-Hazard Performance of Load Bearing Wall Systems: A Case Study Following the January 2010 Earthquake and October 2016 Hurricane Matthew", DesignSafe-CI [publisher], Dataset, doi:10.17603/DS2K385.

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