MECHS Builds Hybrid Simulation Community Resource Library, Announces Special Issues

Published on October 1, 2018


The Multi-Hazard Engineering Collaboratory for Hybrid Simulation — MECHS — is an NSF-funded Research Coordination Network focused on broadening the community of researchers that are engaged in hybrid simulation projects.

MECHS, a NHERI partner, aims to foster new research initiatives to tackle emerging scientific challenges.

Over the past few months, the MECHS team has focused on expanding the resources available in its website in several ways, as listed below:

Publication Library. MECHS has established a new publication library that includes journal papers and dissertations related to hybrid simulation. This publication library lists the titles, abstracts and links to the article online, and has just been started. Each month, MECHS will add new contributions to the list.

The team is expanding this library with suggested papers from the community. Please send any DOIs for additional publications to be added to:


Two Special Journal Issues on Hybrid Simulations are inviting paper submissions from all interested researchers. These include:

  1. Special Issue on: "Hybrid Simulation for Multi-Hazard Engineering”
    Int. J. of Lifecycle Performance Engineering
    Co-led by: Brian Phillips, Wei Song and Shirley Dyke
    Manuscripts due by: 1 January, 2019
  2. Special Issue on: “Benchmark Control Problem in RTHS”
    Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing
    Co-led by: Shirley Dyke and Bill Spencer
    Manuscripts due by: 15 February, 2019


Webinars: Two webinars held this summer as part of the Hybrid Simulation 101 Series were recorded and the videos are now available.

  • Anatomy of a Hybrid Simulation / RTHS, by Prof. Gaby Ou at the University of Utah
  • Pseudo-Dynamic Hybrid Simulation, by Prof. Oh-Sung Kwon at the University of Toronto


Instructional Material: Past reports and webinars that will be of interest to researchers in multi-hazard engineering have also been added to the website under Resources.


Find these resources and more at:

To join the MECHS announce list, please send a note indicating your interest to