Education Corner

Published on July 15, 2019


Karina Vielma, EdD
NHERI Education and Community Outreach (ECO)
Research Fellow and Educational Specialist
University of Texas, San Antonio


On behalf of the Education and Community Outreach Committee, we are excited to announce the 2019 REU Summer Program.

The first block of the NHERI REU program with 19 young researchers started on May 28; the second block began June 17, welcoming 12 students to the ten-week summer research program.

During weekly research meetings, the undergraduate students meet remotely to share research experiences.

They will participate in the Natural Hazards Workshop at the University of Colorado-Boulder and present their work.

On August 1-2, all 31 NHERI REU students from the ten affiliated sites will come together at the Research Symposium in Austin, Texas, to present their research, network with one another, and tour the NHERI@UTexas mobile shaker trucks and the DesignSafe computing center.



On June 5-7, we held another successful NHERI Summer Institute at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

The NHERI NCO funded 21 travel awards for early career faculty and senior-level graduate students to attend the workshop.

The program included presentations from all NHERI sites, the National Science Foundation, CAREER award and CONVERGE.

Overall, we received many positive reviews and look forward to continuing and promoting our educational programs — with the goal of advancing the Natural Hazards Engineering community!


The NHERI SimCenter is hosting four REU students at UC Berkeley this summer. Their research topics represent an expanding field of civil engineering into regional risk, vulnerabilities, and consequences. From left, Ellie Month a rising junior in environmental engineering at Cornell University, Fernanda Breña, a rising senior in civil engineering at Tufts University, Paola Vargas, a senior in environmental engineering at the University of Michigan, and Haley Hostetter, a rising senior in civil engineering at Southern Illinois University. Find out more about their research interests and summer projects at the SimCenter website.