User Forum Welcomes New Members and Officers for 2019

Published on March 22, 2019


Elaina Sutley


Nina Stark


Stephanie Smallegan


The User Forum Committee welcomes Mohammad Khosravi and Max Stephens as new members to the committee. Mohammad joins as an assistant professor at Montana State University and previous NHERI post-doctoral researcher from UC Davis. Max joins us as an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh.

The User Forum also elected new officers, including Elaina Sutley as Chair, Nina Stark as Vice Chair and Stephanie Smallegan as Secretary for the committee. They all express gratitude to their previous chair, Russell Green, for his great leadership during the first two years, and are looking forward to what is to come for the committee.

The User Forum (UF) committee is a NHERI-wide group focused on providing the NHERI Council with independent advice on community user satisfaction, priorities, and needs relating to the use and capabilities of NHERI.

The elected volunteers of the UF bring input from the community into NHERI operations, assess the effectiveness of the support to NHERI users, and contribute to the Network Coordination Office (NCO) and NHERI-wide efforts to build a community of satisfied users.

The UF committee is engaged in the development and continuous update of the NHERI-wide Science Plan. The UF functions as an additional voice of the community within the Governance of NHERI.

To learn more, visit the User Forum webpage at https://www.designsafe-ci.org/community/user-forum/.

Mohammad Khosravi


Max Stephens