University of Florida's Wind Hazard Damage Assessment Group Publishes Three Key Papers

Published on July 7, 2020


Prevatt's Wind Hazard Damage Assessment Group, over the years.

David Roueche: @auburn_windengr

Jason Lopez: @Jay_Lo_85

Arpit Bhusar: @arpitbhusar

Fred Haan: @fredhaanjr

David Prevatt: @DavidPrevatt2

Hats off to David O. Prevatt, PhD, his students and collaborators. Recently, the group published three papers of importance to their ongoing studies and the field of wind engineering. Their efforts, and those who continue to work in wind engineering, are helping reduce societal losses through application of their engineering research.

Meet the team:

Dr. David B. Roueche of Auburn University,
Mr. Anant Jain,
Mr. Arpit Bhusar,
Mr. Jason Lopez of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,

In collaboration with Professor Frederick J. Haan of Calvin College.

Prevatt is pleased to recognize and celebrate the stellar research contributions and hard work of his group. “Thanks also to Professor Haan of Calvin College for his valuable and enjoyable collaborations,” he says. “I enthusiastically recommend that you continue to follow the research accomplishments of these young structural engineers and researchers,” he adds.