NHERI Science Plan Now Published with DOIs

Published on March 30, 2020


Both editions of the NHERI Science Plan (2017 and 2020) are now officially published with digital object identifiers, or DOIs.

Lead writer-editor Billy Edge and the NHERI NCO wish to share their thanks to everyone who worked on organizing, writing, coordinating, correcting and publishing the Science Plan documents.

Since it was not possible to list all contributing committee members and writers, for the DOI the authors are listed who assembled the final documents for each publication.

In the front matter of each volume is the extensive list of committee members who were involved in developing both editions of the NHERI Science Plan.

An example of credit for each edition is below:

  1. Edge, Billy; Ramirez, Julio; Peek, Lori; Bobet, Antonio; Holmes, William; Robertson, Ian; Smith, Thomas (2020) “Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure, 5-Year Science Plan, Multi-Hazard Research To Make a More Resilient World, Second Edition.” DesignSafe-CI. https://doi.org/10.17603/ds2-4s85-mc54.
  2. Smith, Thomas; Holmes, William; Edge, Billy (2017) “Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure, Five-Year Science Plan, Multi-Hazard Research to Make a More Resilient World, First Edition.” DesignSafe-CI. https://doi.org/10.17603/ds2-hsrg-1880.

Alternatively, we can find the two versions of the Science plan published on DesignSafe-CI.org by clicking on the hyperlinks here:



Again, everyone who worked on these documents deserves credit and many thanks, including those created and published the DOI links.

Happy reading!