Winners of the MECHS Hybrid SImulation Video Competition

Published on September 25, 2020


Graduate and undergraduate students from around the world participated in the “MECHS 3-Minute Thesis" video competition. Each entry covered an aspect of a dissertation or thesis related to hybrid simulation, also known as dynamic sub-structuring or pseudo-dynamic testing.

The MECHS team has selected the winners!

Now you can watch the great research ideas that students around the world are working on. The winning entries are also posted on the MECHS website and on the MECHS Youtube channel.

Name Category Link
Shaopeng Li, University at Buffalo, SUNY Technical
Claudio Sepulveda, UC San Diego Creativity
Cristobal Galmez, Federico Santa Maria University, Chile Presentation
Xuguang Wang, University of Toronto Technical
Pedram Mortazavi, University of Toronto Novelty
Zheng Huan,Chen Dandan, Zhou Tiannan, Shi Xueying — University of Heilongjiang, Wuhan University, and Harbin Institute of Technology, China Unique Application
Jaehong Shim, Seoul National University, Korea Balanced
Elif Ecem Bas, University of Nevada, Reno Novelty
Moniruzzaman Moni, University of Toronto Creativity
Amirali Najafi, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Presentation

In addition to the above list of videos, the following were selected to be featured on the MECHS social media platforms:

Name Link
Nikolaos Tsokanas, ETH Zurich
Hezha Sadraddin, Western Michigan University
Ramla Qureshi, University at Buffalo, SUNY

Ali Najafi from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, winner in the Presentation category.