NHERI RAPID Graduate Student Scholars Program

Published on December 9, 2021


The RAPID Graduate Student Scholars program seeks to expand the pool of natural hazards and disaster researchers who have knowledge and expertise in (i) using state-of-the-art field instrumentation and data collection tools, ii) post-processing and applying these data to advance natural hazards and disaster engineering and social sciences, and iii) archiving these data for re-use by others.

The RAPID Scholars program is open to all natural hazards and disaster graduate student researchers.

Limited competitive support is available to use and access RAPID instrumentation, facilities, and resources, including one-on-one training; instrumentation, travel, and shipping fees; and support costs (e.g., licensed drone pilot services).

This yearly program will accept applications from December 1st, 2021 through January 31st, 2022. Graduate scholars will receive a $3,250 grant to support their proposed work, as well as up to $10,000 in waived equipment use fees and staff support costs (e.g, instrumentation use, shipping and insurance costs, RAPID staff field support time and travel costs, etc.).

More information and the application itself can be found here: https://surveyhero.com/c/RAPIDScholarsProposal


The NHERI RAPID facility provides investigators with the equipment, software and supportive services needed to collect, process and analyze perishable data from natural hazard events.