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NHERI REU Application Deadline: Feb. 1
posted 01-08-18
The NHERI REU program is accepting applications for Summer 2018 student interns until February 1.


Ziotopoulou Honored
posted 01-08-18
Katerina Ziotopoulou of UC Davis has been honored with the Greek International Women Award in Science.

UC Davis Hosts Workshop on Liquefaction
posted 01-08-18
The CGM at UC Davis hosted an international workshop on LEAP (Liquefaction Experiments and Analysis Projects).


Legendary Hurricane Hunters on DesignSafe Radio
posted 12-14-17
DesignSafe Radio host Dan Zehner interviewed NOAA Hurricane Hunters about gathering storm data from the skies.

Engineering Collaboration with Japan
posted 12-13-17

NHERI and NIED met in Akasaka, Tokyo, recently to discuss international earthquake research.

Developing 'Breakaway' Tsunami Resistant Buildings
posted 12-11-17
University of Washington researchers are developing new structural systems for tsunami protection.


DesignSafe News Feed

PEER Funds Seismic Performance Research in Transportation
11-07-17   |   PEER has announced seed funding for 6 seismic performance research projects and full funding for 11 others.

SimCenter Releases Two New Software Applications
11-21-17   |   The NHERI SimCenter has announced the release of two new tools for structural dynamics and geotechnical engineering.

SimCenter Holds Meeting on Workflow Development
11-07-17   |   The NHERI SimCenter invited experts to debate user needs for simulation tool workflows.

Transportation Leaders Visit FIU's Wall of Wind
11-06-17   |   US DOT Secretary Elaine L Chao and US Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart visiteed the FIU Wall of Wind.

Applications Open for 2018 NHERI REU Program
11-06-17   |   Undergraduates can apply for a 10-week summer internship at one of the exciting NHERI experimental facilities.

Ellen M. Rathje to Deliver 2018 William B. Joyner Lecture
10-27-17   |   Prof. Ellen Rathje of UTA is to be honored by EERI and SSA with William B. Joyner Lecture Award.

Tsunami Expert Ian Robertson Honored for Excellence
10-11-17   |   Ian Robertson has been selected as the inaugural Arthur N.L. Chiu Distinguished Professor.

Sinkhole 3D-Imaging Workshop
09-29-17   |   Researchers from UTA hosted a workshop on nonintrusive sinkhole 3D-imaging in Gainesville, Florida, on October 27-27.

1st Annual NHERI-NIED/E-Defense Meeting
09-29-17   |   NHERI and NIED/E-Defense are holding their first annual collaborative meeting October 31 and November 1 in Akasaka, Tokyo.

FIU Hosting Wall of Wind Workshop
09-29-17   |   Florida International University will be hosting a workshop about the Wall of Wind facility on November 3.

DesignSafe Radio Taking Off
09-25-17   |   The DesignSafe Radio podcast is taking the hazard engineering world by storm, literally.

UF Requests Post-Irma Building Damage Assessment
09-19-17   |   The University of Florida is conducting a survey of building damages following Hurricane Irma.

DatacenterHub: A Database Resource for Researchers
09-18-17   |   DatacenterHub exists as a resource for collections of post-disaster reconnaissance data including correlating photographs and videos.

Irma Reconnaissance and Information
09-07-17   |   Contact experts, follow real-time communication between field teams, and listen to a special edition Irma podcast.

NHERI Experts Mobilize for Hurricane Harvey
08-28-17   |   A team of NHERI hurricane and storm-surge experts including Forrest Masters, Arindam Chowdhury, and Clint Dawson, has mobilized to the Golf Coast region.

Kareem Honored with Masanobu Shinozuka Medal
08-28-17   |   Ahsan Kareem of Notre Dame has received the ASCE Masanobu Shinozuka Medal for his contributions to stochastic modeling.

Hurricane Harvey Podcasts
08-28-17   |   The DesignSafe Radio podcast has issued two special episodes for Hurricane Harvey.

REU Students at UC San Diego Featured on DesignSafe Radio
08-28-17   |   Listen to students from this summer's REU program discuss their hands-on work with the LHPOST facility.

Structural Testing Workshop with UTexas and T-Rex, August 3-4
07-08-17   |   A workshop at Rutgers University will feature presentations on NHERI@UTexas mobile experimentation equipment.

RPI Team to Study Fluid Mechanics at the NHERI Wall of Wind
07-06-17   |   A team from RPI has been awarded to investigate high suction flow mechanics at the Wall of Wind.

MAST Training in August
07-06-17   |   The University of Minnesota's MAST Laboratory is hosting a 90-minute online training session August 1st.

New Projects Underway at University of Florida
07-05-17   |   New NSF-funded projects are ramping up for UFL, including an EAGER project and a collaboration with Texas Tech University.

NHERI for CAREER Award Faculty
06-19-17   |   Early career faculty submitting a CAREER proposal have many resources with the experimental facilities.

Symposium Honor Professor Anil K. Chopra
06-19-17   |   UC Berkeley will be hosting a symposium Oct 2-3 in honor of Professor Anil K Chopra's retirement.

Ross Boulanger Elected to National Academy of Engineering
06-19-17   |   UC Davis faculty member and NHERI researcher, Professor Ross Boulanger, has been elected to the NAE.

Support NHERI on Social Media
06-01-17   |   Help get the word out about NHERI's social media presence!

13th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering a Success!
06-01-17   |   Attendees of the 13th ACWE in Gainesville, Florida, were given two sessions full of presentations about the exciting work of the NHERI program.

NSF NHERI Coastal Hazards Engineering New User Workshop, July 19-20 at OSU
06-01-17   |   The school of Civil and Construction Engineering at OSU will be hosting a workshop for NHERI about coastal hazards engineering in July.

User Satisfaction Survey Coming Soon
05-30-17   |   The NHERI User Forum will be conducting the community's first annual user survey with the help of independent consultancy group TecEd.

Researchers at Texas Tech, NWI Land NSF Grant to Study Tornadoes
05-22-17   |   The National Wind Institute received a grant to study tornado loading on low-rising buildings, including straight-line wind research at the University of Florida.

A Case for Jupyter Notebook and DesignSafe
05-15-17   |   In a recent interview with the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), which hosts the NHERI DesignSafe-CI, associate professor Scott Brandenburg of UCLA shared his experiences as a new user of Jupyter notebooks.

International Workshop on Wind-Related Disasters and Mitigation Announced
05-10-17   |   The International Workshop on Wind-Related Disasters & Mitigation (WRDM) has been announced for March 11-14, 2018, on the campus of Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan.

Meet NHERI/DesignSafe Webmaster, Hedda Prochaska
05-01-17   |   Visitors to the NHERI website see the handiwork of Hedda Prochaska, our web designer based at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). Here's a brief introduction, in her own words.

13th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering
04-26-17   |   There is still time for members of the wind engineering and research community to register for the 2017 ACWE conference in Gainesville, Florida, May 21-24.

The NHERI Summer Institute
04-10-17   |   The inaugural NHERI Summer Institute will be held at UTSA on July 24-28, 2017, to train early career faculty, K-12 educators, professionals, and researchers in how to perform work in NHERI.

11NCEE Call for Papers
03-24-17   |   The Eleventh U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (11NCEE) will convene June 25-29, 2018, in Los Angeles. The conference is accepting abstract submissions until May 31, 2017.

Meet the NCO’s Dan Zehner
03-17-17   |   As hazard researchers and site managers gear up for testing, they will come to know Dan Zehner, a key member of the NHERI NCO.

Update on NHERI’s Summer REU Program
03-03-17   |   Applications for the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program closed on March 1. The ECO team is now evaluating candidates and will begin informing selected students soon.

NCO Leadership Overview
03-03-17   |   The Network Coordination Office (NCO) is charged with providing a structure for the leadership committees of NHERI, and the NCO organization chart shows how NCO staff support those tasks.

Webinar: Using the New Facility Scheduling Dashboard
02-27-17   |   The Network Coordination Office (NCO) held an introductory webinar for the new Facility Scheduling Dashboard on February 28, 2017. Watch the recording to learn about requesting and managing NHERI projects.

RAPID Facility Slated to Support Deployments in September 2018
02-09-17   |   University of Washington has announced the RAPID experimental facility will begin supporting post-disaster field deployments in September 2018, following a year of planning and equipment commissioning.

Steve Mahin Introduces the SimCenter at the 2017 WCEE
02-02-17   |   Steve Mahin, NHERI SimCenter director, highlighted the center during his keynote at the 16th WCEE held in Santiago, Chile.

Communications Update from JoAnn Browning
02-02-17   |   Marti LaChance is now the NHERI communications contact for news and publications.

REU Applications Now Available
01-06-17   |   The Learning Center is taking applications to the 2017 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program until March 1, 2017.

EERI 69th Annual Meeting Registration Now Open
12-16-16   |   The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute's (EERI) 69th Annual Meeting will be held March 7-10, 2017, in Portland, Oregon.

University of Notre Dame and University of Florida Joint Hurricane Damage Survey for Haiti
11-18-16   |   The joint post-hurricane damage survey team to assess masonry buildings in Haiti following last month's Hurricane Matthew.

Automated Method Allows Rapid Analysis of Disaster Damage to Structures
11-09-16   |   Computer vision advances and "deep learning" algorithms will dramatically reduce time to analyze structural disaster damage data.

University of Washington Joins NHERI
11-02-16   |   UW is now home to NHERI's new Rapid Response Research Facility (RAPID).

Oregon State Takes on Tsunamis and More
11-02-16   |   Wave research uncovering misconceptions about coastal protection from islands.

Florida International University Looks at the Big Picture
11-02-16   |   The damage from natural disasters extends beyond structures.

Florida International University and the Wall of Wind
10-01-16   |   Cutting edge research will lead to safer structures in extreme wind.

University of California at San Diego is Shaking Things Up
10-01-16   |   The world's largest outdoor shake table is making an impact at UCSD.

University of California at Davis Sifts Through the Soil for Answers
10-01-16   |   Research at UC Davis evaluates soil system contributions to structural responses during earthquakes.

Lehigh University Utilizes NHERI Facilities to Educate Future Engineers
10-01-16   |   A 6th grade class has hands-on outreach activity at the real-time multi-directional engineering facility.

ASCE Call for Papers for New Book
08-24-16   |   A call for outstanding papers for a special ASCE book publication entitled “Wind Engineering in Natural Hazards” by Guest Editors Aly Mousaad Aly and Elena Dragomirescu.

Purdue University team named as recipient of the Network Coordination Office (NCO)
07-20-16   |   A Letter from NCO Director Julio A. Ramirez

4th American Association for Wind Engineering Workshop
06-09-16   |   The 4AAWE will take place in Miami FL, August 14-16, 2016.

Shake Table Competition Introduces Students to Natural Hazards Engineering
05-18-16   |   DesignSafe initiative hosts students and works to develop curriculum.

Data Management Plan Guidance Available for ENH Proposers
02-03-16   |   For researchers submitting proposals to use the Experimental Facilities via the NSF ENH program.

NHERI Session at ASCE Geotechnical & Structural Engineering Congress
01-12-16   |   PI's of the 8 NHERI Program awards presenting and hosting Q&A session.

Proposals Due Feb 16 to NSF Engineering for Natural Hazards Program
01-07-16   |   Support for research that utilizes the NHERI cyberinfrastructure and experimental facilities.

DesignSafe Requirements Workshop
01-07-16   |   Researchers convening at UT-Austin to share their cyberinfrastructure needs.

Register for NHERI Experimental Facilities Workshops
01-04-16   |   NHERI Experimental Facilities hosting Workshops to provide attendees with the knowledge to prepare research proposals.

NSF Invests $40 million in research infrastructure for earthquake, wind and water hazards
09-24-15   |   Experimental facilities and cyberinfrastructure will offer opportunities for natural hazards research to bolster community resilience.

$13.7 Million NSF Grant Creates Natural Hazards Engineering Center at UT Austin
07-21-15   |   A new cyberinfrastructure effort funded by a $13.7M grant from the NSF will help engineers build safer structures that can better withstand natural hazards.

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Community & Conference News

The 13th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering
The 13th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering (13ACWE) will be held in Gainesville, Florida on May 21-24, 2017 at the Hilton University of Florida Conference Center.

Call for Participation for NSF Workshop Series on Interdisciplinary Approaches in Disaster Research
The NSF Infrastructure Management and Extreme Events program has awarded funding for two workshops dedicated to the advancement of interdisciplinary disaster research methods through University of Colorado Boulder and University of Michigan.  Those interested can apply at the Natural Hazards Center website by December 19, 2016.

NSF invests additional $19 million in research infrastructure for earthquake, water and wind hazards
NSF announced the establishment of three additional components of NHERI with a planned investment of $19 million over the next five years.

Opportunities and Needs in Integrated Water Prediction, Risk Assessment, and Management for Coastal Resilience
Registration is now open for the September 27-28, 2016 workshop.