Expanding Resilience-Based Design of Steel
and Steel-Concrete Composite Structures

From Short-Term Extreme Loads to Long-Term Deterioration Mechanisms

NHERI Lehigh Seminar Series
November 9, 2017 | Noon - 1pm EST


Theodore L. Karavasilis, PhD
Professor, University of Southampton

Resilience-based design has seen major developments during the last two decades. As a design philosophy, it aims to improve rather to accurately predict the performance of a structural system. Research efforts have so far focused on extreme loading conditions with the majority of them addressing earthquake resilience, i.e. how to design a structural system to return to functionality after a short, if not immediate, time after a strong earthquake. Within 40 minutes, this seminar will present the major outcomes of two research projects on resilience-based design completed by the presenter and co-workers in the UK. The first project is on seismic-resistant steel braced frames, where resilience is realized with rapid replacement of energy-dissipative stainless-steel braces. The second one is on steel-concrete composite bridges under heavy traffic loading and aggressive environments leading to corrosion and/or fatigue, where resilience is realized with rapid replacement of the concrete slab or any other deteriorating structural component. Although different in nature and size of the structural system, these projects show that resilience-based design should/can now progress to cover both extreme natural/man-made hazards and long-term deterioration mechanisms.


Full Professor and Head of Structural Engineering at the University of Southampton where he leads a research group working on Structural Resilience of Steel and Steel-Concrete Composite Structures. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on Design of Steel Structures, Performance-based Seismic Design, and Structural Mechanics. Previously, he held appointments at the University of Warwick (Assistant and Associate Professor; 2011-2015), University of Oxford (Departmental Lecturer; 2010), and Lehigh University (Post-Doctoral Researcher; 2007-2009). He holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering (2002), MSc in Structural Engineering (2004), and PhD in Seismic Design of Steel Structures (2007) from the University of Patras. Author or co-author of 34 papers in Journals, 70 papers in Conferences, and 4 Chapters in books; member of national/international working groups and committees; member of the editorial boards of the Steel and Composite Structures and the Earthquakes and Structures Journals; structural engineering consultant in Europe and Asia; and inventor of a shear connector for composite bridges. He supervises/has supervised eight PhD students and seven post-doctoral researchers (three of them are now Assistant Professors in leading UK Universities).

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