Teacher & Student

CODE @ TACC: DesignSafe

DesignSafe is engaging K-12 students through interactive education and outreach programs. CODE @ TACC: DesignSafe is a one week camp at The University of Texas at Austin that provides hands-on engineering and computation experiences to high school students from diverse backgrounds. Students learn to program in Python and use DesignSafe Cyber Infrastructure tools such as Jupyter notebook to analyze accelerometer data from shake table testing. In addition, they learn about the role of natural hazards engineering in society through visits to NHERI-UT and the Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory.

Research Experience for Teachers

DesignSafe hosted a Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program. Two teachers from the Central Texas area were selected to participate in an internship at Texas Advanced Computing Center. Under the guidance of TACC research staff, participants learned programming skills using DesignSafe tools such as Jupyter Notebook to perform structural engineering analysis. In addition, RET participants designed activities for and co-teach CODE @ TACC: DesignSafe. With their experiences, they created additional training content for DesignSafe as well as student projects for their school classrooms with continuing support from DesignSafe.

Research Experience for Undergraduates

DesignSafe hosts students from the NHERI-NCO Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program at the Texas Advanced Computing Center. Engineering undergraduate students nationwide may apply to the REU program and select the NHERI Experimental Facility of their choosing to perform research during the summer under the guidance from a NHERI researcher. REU participants at TACC perform research into engineering data archival and analysis using the DesignSafe platform.

Student participating in CODE @ TACC