SimCenter Tool Training:

June 17-19, 2020

10am - 11am PST Webinar | 2pm - 3pm PST Office Hours


The NHERI SimCenter is hosting a new remote training event for earthquake engineering using the Earthquake Engineering with Uncertainty Quantification (EE-UQ) application. EE-UQ is a cloud-enabled application to determine the response, including uncertainty quantification, of a structure to an earthquake excitation. The tool currently focuses on the structural model and quantifying uncertainties in engineering demand parameters, given that the properties of the building and the earthquake events are not known exactly, and that the user makes simplifying assumptions in the numerical modeling.

Participants will first learn how to set up and run a simulation workflow that starts with configuring parameters for the structural model and earthquake event to generate structural response estimations using nonlinear time history analyses. The second day will explore the earthquake event options available. Finally, the third day teaches participants how to incorporate site response analysis in EE-UQ using Site Specific Seismic Hazard Analysis & Research Kit (s3hark).

The three day, online training is being offered on June 17-19, 2020 with topics outlined below. Each day, the training will start with a 45-minute live, tool demo followed by questions and answers. Participants will receive a daily exercise to complete offline that reinforces the demonstrated capabilities. SimCenter Developers will host office hours at 2pm Pacific to field questions related to the exercises.

  • Day 1: Introduction EE-UQ and modeling options
  • Day 2: Earthquake events in EE-UQ Day
  • Day 3: Site response analysis using s3hark


Frank McKenna, NHERI SimCenter software architect

Wael Elhaddad, NHERI SimCenter postdoctoral researcher

Charles Wang, NHERI SimCenter postdoctoral researcher

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