SimCenter Tool Training:
Performance Based Engineering

June 22-24, 2020

10am - 11am PST Webinar | 2pm - 3pm PST Office Hours


The NHERI SimCenter is hosting a new remote training event for Performance Based Engineering (PBE) using the PBE Application. This application can assess the performance of a building in an earthquake scenario and provide a quantitative description of the consequences of the earthquake through decision variables. It provides the response estimation features of the EE-UQ application extended with damage and loss assessment according to FEMA’s HAZUS and P58 methodologies.

Participants will first learn how to set up and run a simulation workflow that starts with response estimation using nonlinear time history analyses followed by damage and loss assessment. The second day will focus on advanced loss modeling features and demonstrate how damage and loss results can be processed and disaggregated after an analysis. Finally, the third day will help those who plan to take advantage of the loss assessment features of PBE at scale by controlling and running a large number of analyses using their own custom scripts. The training will introduce Pelicun, the loss assessment engine behind the PBE application, and teach participants how to use it independently from the application’s user interface.

The three day, online training will be held June 22-24, 2020 with topics outlined below. On each day, the training will start with a 45-minute, live tool demo followed by questions and answers. Participants will receive a daily exercise to complete offline that reinforces the demonstrated capabilities. SimCenter Developers will host office hours at 2pm Pacific to field questions related to the exercises.

  • Day 1: Introduction to the PBE Application Day
  • Day 2: Advanced loss modeling in PBE Day
  • Day 3: Introduction to Pelicun, the engine behind PBE


Adam Zsarnóczay, NHERI SimCenter postdoctoral researcher

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