SimCenter Tool Training:

June 15-16, 2020

10am - 11am PST Webinar | 2pm - 3pm PST Office Hours


The NHERI SimCenter is hosting a new remote training event to help researchers include uncertainty quantification (UQ) in their finite element analyses. The training will utilize the SimCenter’s Quantified Uncertainty with Optimization for the Finite Element Method (quoFEM) application, which is intended to advance the use of UQ and optimization within Natural Hazards Engineering. The application achieves this by combining existing finite element applications, e.g. FEAPpv and OpenSEES, with UQ applications, e.g. Dakota, behind a simple user interface.

Attendees will learn about overcoming computational overhead, which typically precludes these types of probabilistic analysis from being performed, by utilizing HPC resources, e.g. the TACC Stampede supercomputer made available through DesignSafe-ci. The training will cover Forward Analysis, Reliability Analysis, Parameter Estimation, and the Inverse Problem.

The two day, online training is being offered on June 15-16, 2020 with topics outlined below. On each day, the training will start with a 45-minute, live tool demo followed by questions and answers. Participants will receive a daily exercise to complete offline that reinforces the demonstrated capabilities. SimCenter Developers will host office hours at 2pm Pacific each day to field questions related to the exercises.

  • Day 1: Introduction to quoFEM including Forward Analysis and Reliability Analysis
  • Day 2: Parameter Estimation and the Inverse Problem


Adam Zsarnóczay, NHERI SimCenter postdoctoral researcher

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