DesignSafe provides several user support mechanisms including a ticket system, online documentation and videos, extended collaborative support services (ECSS), workshops and training webinars. Here we provide information on upcoming workshops and webinars, as well as access to archived training materials. We welcome and encourage your feedback or suggestions for new training by sending us a note to training@designsafe-ci.org

Fall 2016-Spring 2017 Webinars:

Introduction to DesignSafe
9/30/16 - Archived Online

This webinar includes a complete walkthrough of all the features of DesignSafe from creating an account, logging in, exploring public data, learning to launch applications, sharing data, and exploring Jupyter Notebooks. Webinar video & course materials now available in the Training Archive.

DesignSafe: Jupyter, Python, and the Scientific Workflow
10/26/2016 - Archived Online

This webinar will be focused on using DesignSafe to build a Jupyter Notebook in Python. We will explore some existing notebooks, copy sample data into DesignSafe, load the sample data into Python and our Jupyter Notebook, and learn various graphing techniques to explore the data using the Matplotlib module. Webinar video & course materials now available in the Training Archive.

DesignSafe: Data Analysis and Plotting using Jupyter and R
11/09/2016, 2pm to 4pm EST

This webinar is designed as an introduction to R and the Jupyter environment. We will start with some sample data from DesignSafe and then using R, learn more about the data through some data analysis and simple queries. Finally, we will use different plotting techniques that R offers to visualize the data. Register for the webinar at www.designsafe-ci.org/learning-center/training/110916.

DesignSafe as a Tool: Integrating DesignSafe into your Research
01/25/2017, 2pm to 4pm EST

This webinar focuses on the rich feature set of DesignSafe and how those features can be integrated into your research workflow. We'll begin with an overview of the cyber infrastructure, then delve into the following:

  • Research Workbench - available tools and applications to support data analysis, simulation, and visualization
  • Data Depot - navigating, uploading and sharing data sets
  • Projects (new!) - introductory walkthrough, setting up/collaborating on projects
  • Jupyter Notebooks - interacting with your data and launching applications

Register for the webinar at www.designsafe-ci.org/learning-center/training/012517.

Experimental Facility Workshops

Each NHERI Experimental Facility hosts an annual workshop to provide prospective users with the knowledge of a facility's capabilities and discuss details toward developing research proposals, such as to the NSF Engineering for Natural Hazards Program.

For more information about each facility visit Experimental Facilities.

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