End to End Multi-Threat Fragility
Modeling using DesignSafe

December 3, 2019 | 1pm-2pm CT

This webinar will demonstrate the end to end capabilities of the DesignSafe cyberinfrastructure for fragility modeling, i.e. from conceptualizing the analysis to data curation and publication. Use of DesignSafe for different steps in a typical fragility modeling workflow will be discussed and demonstrated, such as design of computational experiments, finite element modeling and simulations, demand and capacity modeling, fragility modeling, and visualization of fragility models. Furthermore, the webinar will also showcase DesignSafe’s capabilities for collaborative research, data sharing, and publishing research data. To highlight DesignSafe’s features, as an example, the webinar will demonstrate the development of fragility models for different types of bridges subjected to seismic hazards and deterioration due to aging.

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