Interacting with Next Generation Liquefaction (NGL) Database Using Jupyter

October 20, 2021 | 11:00am - 1:00pm CT

About the Webinar

A 40-minute webinar will describe the NGL project, including a brief overview of the supported modeling team, supplemental studies, and relational database. The NGL project is organized through the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) and Southwest Research Institute, with Principal Investigators Steve Kramer, John Stamatakos, and Jonathan Stewart. NGL activities are currently supported by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, US Bureau of Reclamation, and PEER.

This webinar/workshop will focus on the relational database, which is a publicly accessible community resource containing information about sites, events, and observations of surface evidence of earthquake-induced liquefaction, or lack thereof. A graphical user interface allows limited user interaction with the database, including viewing and downloading data. To facilitate more comprehensive workflows, the database is replicated daily to DesignSafe where users can interact with the database via MySQL queries in Jupyter notebooks.

The webinar will explain how to query the data, and will demonstrate a number of tools available for users to adapt into their own workflows. The webinar will be followed by an 80 minute workshop in which users will use Jupyter to interact with NGL data. Specific topics covered in the webinar / workshop include:

  • Next Generation Liquefaction project overview
  • MySQL basics, including primary and foreign keys and join statements
  • Jupyter notebooks as an NGL data interaction workflow


Scott J. Brandenberg is a Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UCLA, and a co-PI of the DesignSafe cyberinfrastructure project. His research interests include geotechnical earthquake engineering, seismic hazard analysis, and cyberinfrastructure including database development.

Dr. Kristin Ulmer is a research engineer at the Southwest Research Institute. Her research interests include soil liquefaction and seismic site response analysis.

Paolo Zimmaro is an Assistant Professor at the University of Calabria in Italy and a Visiting Project Scientist at UCLA. His research interests include: (1) ground failure hazard characterization (including liquefaction and landslides), (2) system reliability of distributed infrastructure and lifelines, (3) probabilistic seismic hazard and risk analysis, (4) data analytics in civil engineering, and (5) advanced tools for post-disaster reconnaissance and recovery.

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