Workshop on Artificial Intelligence
in Natural Hazards Engineering

February 18-19, 2020

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for the webinar portion of this workshop includes presentations only (no breakout sessions).

The NHERI DesignSafe team in collaboration with the NHERI SimCenter will host a 1.5 day workshop on February 18-19 to bring together expertise in Natural Hazards Engineering and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Deep Learning (collectively known as AI/ML/DL).

The purpose of this workshop is to build a research agenda determining where AI/ML/DL can and is being productively employed in natural hazards engineering research, what techniques hold key promise, how these techniques may be adapted to the hazards engineering domain moving forward. The workshop will be held at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), of the University of Texas at Austin.

The workshop will be an interactive event, including anchor talks by researchers across the hazards engineering and AI/ML/DL domains as well as interactive breakout, reporting and discussion sessions. Interested participants should apply by submitting a 2 page NSF formatted Biosketch and a Statement of Interest of no more than 250 words. The Statement of Interest should succinctly describe your research area and interests with respect to the workshop theme. Former experience in applying AI/ML/DL to hazards engineering problems is not required.

For agenda and additional event information, please visit the primary Workshop on AI event page.

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