October 7 - 11, 2019

Field Research Facility (FRF)
Coastal & Hydraulics Laboratory
U.S. Army Engineer Research & Development Center
Duck, NC

Field Training and Deployment Description:

The National Science Foundation’s Natural Hazards Reconnaissance Facility (known as the "RAPID", rapid.designsafe-ci.org) provides investigators with the equipment, software, and support services needed to collect, process, and analyze perishable data from natural hazard events. On October 7 - 11, the RAPID will host a hands-on training and deployment opportunity in collaboration with the DUring Nearshore Event eXperiment (DUNEX, uscoastalresearch.org/dunex) pilot activities at the U.S. Army’s Field Research Facility (FRF) in Duck, NC. By application (see below), the RAPID’s equipment portfolio and RAPID staff will be available free of charge for deployment and data collection by research teams during this period, where hands-on training will be provided. This provides participants with the opportunity to develop expertise in using RAPID equipment to collect data, process the data, and integrate the collected data through the use of the RAPID mobile software ("RApp") and DesignSafe-CI.

Available Equipment

It is expected that the following equipment will be available during this field training and deployment:

  • Z-boat with singlebeam echosounder (operated by RAPID staff only)
  • Long range laser scanner - LR3 with GNSS base/rover
  • Short range laser scanner - RTC360*
  • Sense fly Ebee fixed wing RTK UAS (must have drone pilot license to operate, may be operated by RAPID staff)*
  • Matrice 210 UAS (w/ Multispectral MicaSense Altum) (must have a drone pilot license to operate, may be operated by RAPID staff)*
  • Phantom 4 (must have a drone pilot license to operate, may be operated by RAPID staff)
  • TruBlue (255) water level gauges (up to 20 available)
  • Aquadopp Profiler 2 MHz (one available)*
  • Acoustic beacons (for use with water level gauges deployed offshore)
  • Petit Ponar grab sampler* (one available)

*Equipment currently being procured by NHERI RAPID Facility and expected to be available by early fall 2019.

A full list of currently available RAPID Facility equipment is here: rapid.designsafe-ci.org/equipment-portfolio

Application Information

Applications for this field training and deployment are due on July 15, 2019. Application review and notification will be complete by July 31, 2019. Accepted applicants (teams) are responsible for supporting their own travel and providing equipment mounts, planning their October 7-11 experimental campaign in coordination with the FRF and RAPID (including obtaining permits if needed), participating in the field deployment and, if a foreign national, obtaining permission to enter the FRF. Priority will be given to researchers and students who are likely to use the RAPID Facility for future natural hazards reconnaissance and to researchers and students with demonstrated interest in participating in DUNEX. We anticipate demand for this field training to exceed capacity so please apply by the date.


For all inquiries please contact RAPID Program Coordinator Caitlin Bourassa (caitbo@uw.edu, 206-616-3318)


Thank you for your interest. Registration for this event has closed.