Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Simulation of Transient and Non-synoptic Wind Events Workshop

May 19, 2021 | 10:00am - 5:30pm EDT


This one-day user workshop will first present the transient and non-synoptic flow simulation capabilities of the boundary layer wind tunnel at the University of Florida NSF NHERI Experimental Facility, enabled by the new Flow Field Modulator (FFM). Invited speakers will then present their active research in transient and non-synoptic flow measurement, modeling, and physical and computational simulation. Through multiple group discussions we seek to develop consensus key science questions that physical simulation facilities may play a role in addressing. Attendees will help define performance benchmarks needed for physical simulation facilities to ensure rigorous and repeatable experimental research in transient and non-synoptic flow simulation and measurement.

Follow-up meetings with individuals will initiate research proposals that utilize the University of Florida NHERI Experimental Facility.

Workshop Goals:

  • Present the new simulation capabilities provided by the FFM and discuss limitations
  • Establish FFM benchmark datasets and experimental protocols for user proposal preparation
  • Publish (on DesignSafe) a workshop report on best practices in transient and non-synoptic event simulation and experimental design
  • Generate interest in writing proposals that utilize the FFM, and provide support services.

Workshop Agenda