University of Texas
Experimental Facility Workshop

June 23-24, 2016

You are invited to attend a proof-of-capability workshop hosted by The Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure Equipment Facility at the University of Texas at Austin (NHERI@UTexas).  Details are provided below.

NHERI@UTexas will be hosting a two-day (from 3 pm June 23th to 12 pm June 24th) workshop on in-situ liquefaction testing near Portland, OR. During the workshop, we will use the large, mobile, hydraulic shaker T-Rex to load the ground surface horizontally, while the subsurface response of silty soils are monitored with push-in vibration and pore pressure sensors. The workshop will start at 3 pm on June 23th at a Portland hotel with lectures by UT Austin personnel. The lectures will provide an overview of our NHERI@UTexas equipment, explore research opportunities and challenges, and discuss specific details toward developing proposals for the NSF Engineering for Natural Hazards (ENH) program. A field demonstration of an in-situ, proof-of-capability liquefaction test will be held in the morning of June 24th at a near-by site. The workshop is expected to be completed by noon.

All interested individuals are encourage to register for potential workshop participation on the Design Safe CI website at the link provided below. Participation will be limited and priority will be given to faculty planning to submit or participate in the development of NSF proposals to use the NHERI@UTexas equipment facility. However, other individuals interested in learning about the NHERI@UTexas equipment facility will also be considered. Travel support is available for faculty planning to submit NSF proposals.

Those with ideas about small, proof-of-concept tests that could piggyback on the in-situ liquefaction experiment in order to generate preliminary proposal data are encouraged to contact us in advance of the workshop. Please contact Farnyuh Menq (, NHERI@UTexas Site Operations Manage, with any questions regarding the workshop, piggyback proof-of-concept tests, or the equipment facility.


Thank you for your interest. Registration for this event has closed.