University of Texas
Experimental Facility Workshop

Structural Testing Workshop
August 3-4, 2017

You are invited to attend a workshop on in-situ structural dynamic testing at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. This workshop is hosted by the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure Equipment Facility at the University of Texas at Austin (NHERI@UTexas).  The workshop will be held from approximately 1pm on Thursday, August 3, 2017 to noon on Friday, August 4, 2017.  The workshop will include presentations on NHERI@UTexas equipment and in-situ, non-destructive dynamic structural testing on Thursday at Rutgers University. On Friday morning, a field demonstration of dynamic structural testing will be held on an overpass bridge on I-195 near Trenton, NJ. Transportation will be provided to the field demonstration location.  During the field demonstration on Friday, the NHERI@UTexas shaker, T-Rex, will be used to dynamically excite the bridge, and sensors provided by NHERI@UTexas and Rutgers University will be used to collect a dataset of soil-foundation-structure system responses. Travel support is available for a number of participants. Preference will be given to those interested in submitting proposals to the Engineering for Natural Hazards (ENH) program of NSF. For those who are interested but are unable to attend the workshop in person, the presentations made on Thursday will be webcast on DesignSafe. 

Hotel information will be sent to registered participants. Hotel room reservations must be made by July 12th to obtain the group rate for the workshop.

This workshop is being held in conjunction with dynamic bridge testing being done as part of an ongoing NSF-funded project titled, “EAGER: Informing Infrastructure Decisions through Large-Amplitude Forced Vibration Testing” (CMMI-1650170, Project PI: Nenad Gucunski). Special thanks to our colleagues at Rutgers University, Nenad Gucunski and Franklin Moon, for helping organize the workshop and allowing the NHERI community to observe and learn from their experiences using NHERI@UTexas equipment for in-situ dynamic structural testing.

The NHERI@UTexas Structural Testing Workshop will highlight a potential use of NHERI@UTexas equipment for non-destructive, in-situ testing of soil-foundation-structure systems.  Specifically, during the workshop, we will use the mobile, triaxial hydraulic shaker, T-Rex, to generate small-strain dynamic loading on the bridge deck.  The response of the bridge superstructure, substructure, and surrounding soil will be recorded using an array of three-component geophones.  The bridge being tested is a two-span, continuous steel girder bridge with multi-pier reinforced concrete bents and spread footing foundations. Data collected from the workshop demonstration will be provided to workshop participants and other interested researchers for use in development of future proposals.

Those with ideas about small, proof-of-concept tests that could piggyback on the bridge testing workshop in order to generate preliminary proposal data are encouraged to contact us in advance of the workshop. Please contact Farnyuh Menq (fymenq@utexas.edu), NHERI@UTexas Site Operations Manager, with any questions regarding the workshop, piggyback proof-of-concept tests, or the equipment facility.

Workshop Registration