Advanced Simulation for Natural Hazards Mitigation & Challenges
and Opportunities for Multi-Hazards Engineering

NHERI Lehigh Experimental Facility Workshop

December 3, 2018  |  Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

This collaborative workshop between NHERI Lehigh and NHERI Florida International University will be held at the NHERI Lehigh Real-Time Multi-Directional (RTMD) Facility in Bethlehem, PA and will be developed as an interactive series of sessions that includes presentations, facility tours, and hands-on demonstrations and activities, including discussions on challenges and opportunities for multi-hazards engineering and multi-hazards hybrid simulation testing currently being collaboratively developed by NHERI Lehigh and NHERI FIU.

Participants will also learn about NHERI Lehigh, including its equipment and instrumentation portfolio and the capabilities and experimental protocols of the NHERI Lehigh EF, along with those of NHERI FIU. Participants will gain critical knowledge required to write successful NSF proposals utilizing the facility’s equipment and staff. Attendees will also be educated on the RTMD site portfolio of projects in order to guide them and generate ideas for new potential research projects. Additionally, attendees will be introduced to the real-time hybrid simulation method and have the opportunity to work with hands-on example problems using the NHERI Lehigh EF equipment.

Limited participant support costs up to $700 per participant are available and should be requested at the time of registration. Participant support funding will be distributed on a first-come basis until all funds are allocated, but priority will be given to faculty and researchers interested in writing proposals to utilize NHERI Lehigh and/or NHERI FIU. Participant support will be provided through reimbursement following the submittal and review of allowable expense receipts at the conclusion of the workshop. All participant support funding will be confirmed by NHERI Lehigh to registrants no later than November 16 so that travel arrangements can be made by the registrant.

Workshop Registration

Limited participant support funding is available and will be distributed until all funds are allocated. Participant support funding will be confirmed to the registrant no later than November 16th.