Integration Portal

Access reconnaissance data collected within a geospatial framework

The Reconnaissance Integration Portal will allow the RAPID Response Facility to enable field reconnaissance data to be collected and made available through the cyberinfrastructure in the aftermath of a hazard event. The reconnaissance data may include infrastructure performance data (e.g., damage estimates, ground movements, subsurface information), remotely sensed data (e.g., photos, video, LIDAR point clouds, satellite imagery data), or human experiential data (e.g., social media data, societal impact data). These data represent diverse data types with different metadata requirements, but their use hinges on information regarding the location from which the data were collected. Therefore, a geospatial framework will be used to interface with much of the data to provide the contextual location of the data with respect to the windstorm or earthquake event. The reconnaissance data will be physically located in the Data Depot and accessible by analytics and visualization tools, but the Reconnaissance Integration Portal will provide the initial interface to the data. The design of the Reconnaissance Integration Portal will also consider the linking to tablet/smart phone tools that are used to collect damage data, the integration of social media data regarding hazard impact, and the need to upload data efficiently from the field, where internet access may be limited. Our collaboration with the RAPID facility awardee will ensure that we meet the needs of this community.