Roadmap for new and enhanced features and capabilities

To provide a flexible, extensible, community-driven cyberinfrastructure for the natural hazards engineering research community, the DesignSafe team evaluates and prioritizes community requirements to be implemented in the portal.

While we employ an agile development process to continuously enhance the user experience on the portal, the following tables outline upcoming major deployments.

Discovery Workspace

Application Availability Capability
OpenSeesSP Now For longer-running, larger, more computationally intensive single-node runs. Running on TACC's Stampede supercomputer in batch mode. Files are automatically staged in/outbefore and after the job.
OpenSeesMP Now For parameter studies or analysis of large models with user defined partitions. Also runs on TACC's Stampede supercomputer in batch mode.
OpenSees Express Now For quick turnaround, very short time duration runs.
Jupyter - formerly iPython Notebook Now Interactive scientific notebook to create and share docs that contain live code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text. Over 40 programming languages available including Python, R, and C++.

Developer's Portal

Feature Availability Capability
Add Your Application Q1 2017 Allows developers and users to add applications to the Discovery Workspace, generates a webform to initiate the job. Users can then share their application with specific users or make it public to all users.
Workflow Support Q4 2016 Support for composing existing applications into a customized execution pipeline.

Data Depot

Feature Availability Capability
Integration with Box.com Cloud Storage Now Sync files and folders within the Data Depot with your Box.com account. This ensures that files located in the Data Depot, the Box.com cloud, and your local device that is synced to Box.com all have the same version of your files.
Integration with Other Cloud Storage Providers Q4 2016 In addition to Box.com, we will enable syncing with Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Google Drive.
Data Curation Infrastructure Q4 2016 Full project lifecycle data management with automated metadata tagging; from the planning stage of your project at a NHERI Experimental Facility, to data analysis in the Discovery Workspace, and ultimately publication.
Data Publishing & DOI's Q4 2016 Provides the ability to generate a DOI for your data or publication, and to share to the Public Data in the Data Depot.