Quick Start Guide

Key features of the Research Workbench, including data upload, running applications, and using analysis tools


Workbench User Guide
Detailed information on Research Workbench tools: Data Depot, Discovery Workspace, Developer's Portal and Reconnaissance Integration Portal.

An expanding collection of the most frequently asked questions on how to utilize the Research Workbench, and gain access to other DesignSafe tools.


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DesignSafe offers Extended Collaborative Support Services (ECSS). We assign a dedicated technical staff member for ongoing, in-depth support.


Data Curation & Publication Guidelines
Extensive guidance and best practices for publishing data.

Data Transfer Guide
Multiple methods for transferring files to the Data Depot.

Globus Data Transfer Guide
Recommended method for bulk data transfer.

HPC & Storage Allocations
For users needing greater access to HPC resources or larger storage. Learn how to request your own HPC or storage allocation.

Cybersecurity Plan
DesignSafe policies for Cybersecurity.

Data Management Plan Guidance (download)
For researchers submitting proposals to the NSF ENH program using the NHERI Experimental Facilities.

API Developer's Guide (PDF)
Accessing DesignSafe via the Application Programmer Interface.