Quick Start Guide

Quick Start videos to demonstrate key tools and features of the Research Workbench including data upload and search, running scientific applications, and using data analysis tools.

Workbench User Guide

This User Guide provides detailed information on tools available in the Research Workbench: Data Depot, Discovery Workspace, Developer's Portal and Reconnaissance Integration Portal.

Help Desk

Help is available 24/7/365. You may submit a ticket using our online form or browse your ticket history at www.designsafe-ci.org/help/tickets. You may also contact the help desk by phone at (512) 571-9411.



Extended Collaborative Support Services (ECSS)

ECSS provides deep, responsive engaged user support whereby a DesignSafe technical staff member will be assigned a portion of their time over a period of weeks or months to work closely with a research team. A typical ECSS project will help a research team adapt their workflow and process to use of the DesignSafe infrastructure, to use the infrastructure to visualize their data, or to learn to add appropriate metadata to their datasets to support discovery and search. These engagements require taking the time to understand the user's specific needs, often iterating over weeks and months to modify source code or process and to properly teach researchers to use the capabilities. This kind of deep support goes above and beyond what the traditional ticket-and-helpdesk type support mechanism can provide. Lessons learned from ECSS engagements often have a broader impact that will improve the overall experience for other DesignSafe researchers.

An ECSS engagement may be requested via the DesignSafe Help request form, or it may result organically from interactions between user support staff and researchers.