Cyberduck Data Transfer Guide

DesignSafe supports multiple ways of moving data in and out of the Data Depot – which one is best depends on how you will use DesignSafe. While the web interface in the DesignSafe portal is easy for moving small numbers of modest size files, if you need to move large volumes of data over 100 MB, large numbers of files (> 25) or move directories, Cyberduck is one of the recommended ways of moving data in and out of DesignSafe.

Cyberduck is an open source client for file transfer protocols, which allows you to connect to DesignSafe and TACC resources directly without using the command line.

Step 1: Submit a ticket to activate Corral access for your DesignSafe/TACC Account

If you have already requested access to this for using Globus or other data transfer methods, you may skip this step.

Use the DesignSafe Help feature to request Corral access for your account. Simply submit a ticket here:  https://designsafe-ci.org/help and in the body of the message say you wish to use Cyberduck. Please list the Data Depot locations(s), such as My Data or a project in My Projects, where you intend to transfer files to/from. You will get a response via email when this is complete.

Step 2: Set up MFA using the TACC Token App

Go to https://portal.tacc.utexas.edu and log in with your DesignSafe/TACC credentials and pair a device with your account.  Full instructions are found here: https://portal.tacc.utexas.edu/tutorials/multifactor-authentication

Select the TACC Token App option.

Step 3: Download and Install Cyberduck

Go here to download Cyberduck: https://cyberduck.io/download/

Step 4: Connect to Corral

Click the + button down at the bottom left, or use the menus to create a new Bookmark (on the Mac client, it's under Bookmark/New Bookmark).

Change the dropdown at the top to "SFTP".

Give the connection a nickname if you want.  This can help if you will need to do transfers in the future.

Server is "data.tacc.utexas.edu".

Put in your DesignSafe/TACC username and password.

For the path, it will be one of the following:

  • To access "My Data", set Path to /corral-repl/projects/NHERI/shared/(username)/
  • To access a project in “Published”, set Path to: /corral-repl/projects/NHERI/published/PRJ-XXXX/
  • To access a project in "NEES Published", set Path to: /corral-repl/projects/NHERI/public/projects/NEES-XXXX-XXXX.groups
  • To access a project in "My Projects", set Path to /corral-repl/projects/NHERI/projects/(Uid)/

Uid for each project can be found at the URL link in DesignSafe portal.

Example of filled out bookmark form:

Once the bookmark is created, you will see it in the list in the main Cyberduck window.  Right-click on the bookmark, and select "Connect to Server". You will be prompted for your TACC Token code.  Input the code from your TACC Token app.

After you are connected, you will see the directory you selected for your path.  To upload files, in the top menu, click "File->Upload", and you will be prompted to select files from your machine to upload.  You will get another prompt for your TACC Token code.  At this point, you will see a Transfers window that shows the status of your transfers.