FigureGen User Guide

FigureGen is a Fortran program that creates images for ADCIRC files. It reads mesh files (fort.14, etc.), nodal attributes files (fort.13, etc.) and output files (fort.63, fort.64, maxele.63, etc.). It plots contours, contour lines, and vectors. Using FigureGen, you can go directly from the ADCIRC input and output files to a presentation-quality figure, for one or multiple time snaps. In contrast to the other Visualization Applications in the Workspace, FigureGen is not an interactive but rather it submits a batch job and output files are returned to the user.

More detailed information and FigureGen user documentation can be found on the FigureGen website.

How to Submit a FigureGen Job in the Workspace

  • Select the FigureGen application from the Visualization tab in the Workspace.
  • Locate your Input Directory (Folder) with your input files that are in the Data Depot and follow the onscreen directions to enter this directory in the form.
  • Enter the FigureGen input file (.inp) into the form.
  • Enter a maximum job runtime in the form. See guidance on form for selecting a runtime.
  • Enter a job name.
  • Enter an output archive location or use the default provided.
  • Click Run to submit your job.
  • Check the job status by clicking on the arrow in the upper right of the job submission form.


Last update: May 16, 2018