VisIt User Guide

VisIt is an Open Source, interactive, scalable, visualization, animation and analysis tool. Users can quickly generate visualizations, animate them through time, manipulate them with a variety of operators and mathematical expressions, and save the resulting images and animations for presentations. VisIt contains a rich set of visualization features to enable users to view a wide variety of data including scalar and vector fields defined on two- and three-dimensional (2D and 3D) structured, adaptive and unstructured meshes. Owing to its customizable plugin design, VisIt is capable of visualizing data from over 120 different scientific data formats.

More detailed information and VisIt user documentation can be found on the VisIt website.

How to Start a VisIt Interactive Session in the Workspace

  • Select the VisIt application¬†from the Visualization tab in the Workspace.
  • Locate the directory containing your data files in the Data Depot and follow the onscreen directions to enter this as your Working Directory.
  • Select your desired desktop resolution from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter a maximum job runtime in the form. While this field is required in the form it is not actually used, simply enter any time using the time format shown.
  • Enter a job name.
  • Enter an output archive location or use the default provided.
  • Select the number of nodes to be used for your job. Larger data files run more efficiently on higher node counts.
  • Click Run to start your interactive session.
  • Be sure to exit the Paraview application when you are finished with the session or any files saved will not be archived with the job.


Last update: May 16, 2018