The DesignSafe-ci Cyberinfrastructure has been designed to be extendible from the ground up. Almost every aspect of the CI is meant to be augmented and customized by both users and developers, from building a completely stand alone web application using the DesignSafe infrastructure, to adding new tools to the Discovery Workspace, to automating workflows and data uploads.

From this page, information will be made available for developers who wish to make all kinds of extensions to the CI. In the first release (March 2016), not all extensions are currently available, so the content on the Developer's Portal is focused on:

  • Use of the core DesignSafe-ci Application Programmer Interfaces
  • How to build tools to upload and download data into the DesignSafe-ci infrastructure.

You can also find information on DesignSafe’s cybersecurity policies, and information for Data Management Plans for those who wish to incorporate DesignSafe into their own proposals.

Coming later in 2016, additional content will appear here on adding tools, workflows, and other extensions to the Discovery Workspace and Data Depot.


Getting Started with the API
An easy to use quickstart/tutorial guide to get started bringing data in and out of DesignSafe via the Application Programmer Interface.

API Docs and Tutorials
More detailed documentation on the API’s used within DesignSafe.

Cybersecurity Plan
DesignSafe policies for Cybersecurity

Data Management Plan Guidance
Guide for researchers who will use the NHERI DesignSafe-CI.

Data Upload Guide
Coming soon: An outline of methods for getting data in/out of DesignSafe.

Workspace Tool Integration Guide
Coming Fall of 2016.

Building and Saving Workflows in DesignSafe
Coming Fall of 2016.