Research Tools

These SimCenter applications address basic and advanced modeling, analysis and simulation needs across an array of Natural Hazards. They incorporate uncertainty quantification (UQ) and optimization concepts. Downloadable apps, user manuals, user feedback, and relevant resources are available on the linked resource pages.

Uncertainty Quantification Finite Element (uqFEM) Application

The uqFEM application is intended to advance the use of uncertainty quantification and optimization within the field natural hazards engineering.

Computational Wind Engineering - Uncertainty Quantification (CWE-UQ) Application

OpenFOAM based CFD analysis software for analyzing the effect of wind on structures and attendant response, including UQ in future releases.

Earthquake Engineering - Uncertainty Quantification (EE-UQ) Application

The EE-UQ Tool is an application to determine the response, including UQ, of a structure to an earthquake excitation.

Performance Based Engineering (PBE) Application

The PBE Tool is an extensible workflow application to perform Performance Based Engineering computations for various hazards. PBE analysis includes multi-ensemble simulation models for UQ.

Regional Earthquake Workflow

An Applications Framework for creating scientific workflow applications that execute large scale simulations for seismic hazards research.