NHERI Science Plan: A Guide for Future Research in Natural Hazards Engineering

NHERI Science Plan: A Guide for Future Research in Natural Hazards Engineering

In the NHERI Science Plan, Third Edition, find ways researchers can leverage NSF-funded resources — from centrifuges to cyberinfrastructure —to protect our civil infrastructure and our communities. Lead author Ian Robertson provides a 7-minute overview on the DesignSafe Radio podcast.

Planning Underway for New, National Extreme Winds Simulation Facility — Iowa State University lands a four-year, $14M NSF award for the National Testing Facility for Enhancing Wind Resiliency of Infrastructure in Tornado-Downburst-Gust Front Events, or NEWRITE.

NHERI CONVERGE Defines Perishable Data in Extreme Events Research — "We realized that we could significantly improve future extreme events research by defining the term and sharing that definition widely with the community," said lead author Rachel Adams.


The Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI) is a distributed national facility that enables research discoveries that will protect human life, reduce damage, and minimize economic losses during natural hazard events.


Graphic showing different levels of the NHERI organization: NHERI, NCO, and Experimentation. Experimentation includes Physical, Digital, and Social Impact & Field Reconnaissance

5 Year Science Plan

A roadmap for researchers in related disciplines working together to achieve common goals.

Analyze, Simulate & Share

The Workspace gives researchers the power to share and publish data, access tools for data analysis and visualization, and run simulations on state-of-the-art supercomputer resources.

Start Your Experiments

The NHERI Facilities offer access to shared-use experimental laboratories, field equipment, simulation tools, and a network of social science, engineering, and interdisciplinary researchers.

Expand Your Skills

The Learning Center offers training webinars from all NHERI components, as well as resources for students, post-docs, and early career researchers.

Join the Community

Become a part of the NHERI Community and participate in activities, committees, and more!

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Getting Started

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