Christchurch Earthquake Damage Mystery Spurs Research

Christchurch Earthquake Damage Mystery Spurs Research

2021 DesignSafe Dataset Awardee | Concrete wall seismic test data using DesignSafe-CI portal helps revise New Zealand and U.S. building code

An earthquake ripped through the South Island of New Zealand on September 2, 2010, its epicenter narrowly missing the city of Christchurch by about 40 kilometers, or 25 miles. Disaster struck nearly six months later, when an aftershock centered on the city, killing 185 people and injuring many more.

Shaking it up at the University of Texas | NHERI REU students learn how mobile shakers advance natural hazards engineering

Order from Chaos: A Statistical Approach to Predicting Tsunami Debris Flow | University of Washington team leverages the NHERI at OSU wave flume


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