Status Updates

  • HVSR web -  Last updated 04/20
  • Jupyter -  Last updated 04/20
  • MATLAB - Last updated 05/21
  • SWbatch - Last updated 05/21

Requesting New Applications

DesignSafe regularly adds new software applications in support of natural hazards engineering research. You may contact DesignSafe by submitting a help ticket if you would like to request the addition of a software application to the Workspace.

Getting Your Own HPC Application

For those researchers with larger computational needs on the order of tens of thousands, or even millions of core-hours, or if you have a software application that we don't support in the web portal, you may request your own allocation of computing time on TACC's HPC systems. Your files can still be stored in the Data Depot, allowing you to share your research results with your team members, as well as curate and publish your findings.

Commercial/Licensed Applications

The DesignSafe infrastructure includes support for commercial/licensed software. Wile in some cases licenses can be provided by the DesignSafe project itself, not all vendors will make licenses available for larger open communities at reasonable cost. You may contact DesignSafe by submitting a help ticket if you have questions regarding a commercial software application.