DesignSafe Data Depot Repository Mission and History


The Data Depot Repository (DDR) is the platform for curation and publication of datasets generated in the course of natural hazards research. The DDR is an open access data repository that enables data producers to safely store, share, organize, and describe research data, towards permanent publication, distribution and impact evaluation. The DDR allows data consumers to discover, search for, access, and reuse published data in an effort to accelerate research discovery.  The DDR is one component of the DesignSafe cyberinfrastructure, which represents a comprehensive research environment that provides cloud-based tools to manage, analyze, understand, and publish critical data for research to understand the impacts of natural hazards.  DesignSafe is part of the NSF-supported Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI), and aligns with its mission to provide the natural hazards research community with open access, shared-use scholarship, education, and community resources aimed at supporting civil infrastructure prior to, during, and following natural disasters. However, DesignSafe also supports the broader natural hazards research community that extends beyond the NHERI network.


The DDR has been in operation since 2016 and is currently supported by NSF through 2025.  The DDR preserves natural hazards research data published since its inception in 2016, and also provides access to legacy data dating from about 2005.  These legacy data were generated as part of the NSF-supported Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES), a predecessor to NHERI.  Legacy data and metadata belonging to NEES were transferred to the DDR for continuous preservation and access. View the published NEES data here.


The DDR serves the broader natural hazards research community both as data producers and consumers.  This research community includes, but is not limited to, the facilities that make up NHERI network - for which we are the designated data repository.  We work with each component of the NHERI network to meet the requirements and commitments of their distinct research focus and functions. As the only repository for open natural hazards research data, we welcome data produced in other national and international facilities and organizations.  At large, the repository serves a broad national and international audience of natural hazard researchers, students, practitioners, policy makers, as well as the general public.