ClawPack User Guide

Clawpack (“Conservation Laws Package”) is a collection of finite volume methods for linear and nonlinear hyperbolic systems of conservation laws. Clawpack employs high-resolution Godunov-type methods with limiters in a general framework applicable to many kinds of waves.

More detailed information and CLAWPACK user documentation can be found at the Clawpack website.

How to Start a Clawpack Interactive Session in the Workspace

The Clawpack 5.4.0 suite has been installed into the DesignSafe Jupyter Hub environment. It is available for use with Python2 both from the command-line and in Jupyter notebooks. If using python2 from the terminal, you'll want to use the binaries located in '/opt/conda/envs/python2/bin'. To start using Clawpack:

  • Select the Clawpack application from the Simulation tab in the Workspace.
  • Click on Launch Jupyter.
  • Open a GeoClaw notebook (see below to access an example notebook to get you started).

Example Clawpack Use Case

An example GeoClaw notebook in Jupyter can be seen by navigating to 'community / Jupyter Notebooks / Workspace Application Sample Notebooks / GeoClaw' and opening 'GeoClaw_topotools_example.ipynb', and can be previewed and copied to your own space from here.