NHERI Experts Mobilize for Hurricane Harvey

Published on August 28, 2017


The Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment (CERA) website features an interactive map of coastal circulation and storm surge risks. 


NHERI hurricane and storm-surge experts have mobilized to the Gulf Coast region. The team includes Forrest Masters of the University of Florida, Arindam Chowdhury of Florida International University, and Clint Dawson from the University of Texas, Austin. Dawson’s work was featured on CBS news.

Dawson’s team at the University of Texas used ADCIRC on TACC’s HPC resources to generate storm-surge forecasts for Harvey. ADCIRC is a system of computer programs for solving time-dependent, free surface circulation and transport problems in two and three dimensions. The storm surge visualizations are online at chg.ices.utexas.edu and also at the CERA website at Louisiana State University: cera.cct.lsu.edu.

TACC has provided expedited access for these simulations due to the urgency of this natural hazard event as the storm bears down on the Texas coast.

Expect more updates from the NHERI team monitoring Harvey’s damage to the Gulf Coast infrastructure.

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