NHERI Graduate Student Council

Members of the NHERI GSC Executive Committee at the Natural Hazards Research Summit in Washington, D.C. October 5-7, 2022. From the left: Rakesh Salunke, Jasmine Bekkaye, Harman Singh, Tay Heath, Emmaleah Jones, Holly Davies, Olaniyi Afolayan, Niko Grisel Todorov.


In our October NHERI GSC General Meeting, Dr. Ádám Zsarnóczay, Associate Director for Research Outreach at the NHERI SimCenter provided an overview of the upcoming collaboration between NHERI GC and SimCenter— the Research Tools Workshops. These workshops will be held on the second Tuesday of each month, and you may register to attend this workshop series for free: https://bit.ly/NHERI_GSCSimCenterWorkshopSeries

For more information on previous NHERI GSC meetings, please visit: https://www.designsafe-ci.org/learning-center/nheri-graduate-student-council/explore/meetings/

Program Information 

NHERI support for graduate students. The NHERI Graduate Student Council provides an opportunity for graduate students to:

  • Build a diverse graduate community for natural hazard researchers.
  • Connect with diverse mentors in the natural hazards’ community.
  • Attend natural hazards, research, and career workshops.
  • Encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) conversations.
  • Learn about the impact of research on natural hazards practice.
  • Gain leadership, service, and funding opportunities.

The NHERI Graduate Student Council offers graduate students interested in natural hazards research a chance to connect with other like-minded students. The GS Council meetings will support graduate students in building a network of support in the natural hazards field. The council will connect graduate students to natural hazard leaders, schedule workshops on careers, research, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) while providing leadership, service, and funding opportunities.



NHERI Graduate Student Council membership is open to all graduate students interested in natural hazards research. This includes those graduate students who focus on engineering, as well as those who focus on social science or medicine related to natural hazards disasters. Graduate students from racial and ethnic underrepresented groups in engineering, women, and veterans are encouraged to register for NHERI Graduate Student Council membership. While we encourage membership from institutions around the globe, funding opportunities are currently limited to members in U.S. Institutions.


Registration for the NHERI Graduate Student Council will remain open indefinitely, and the ECO or GS Council leadership will contact new members at the beginning of each month.

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Click the links below to find out more information about the NHERI Graduate Student Council. As we build the Council together, we will offer more information. To register to become a member, click the link above and provide your ideas. Your input makes all the difference!

Contact Us 

The Education and Community Outreach (ECO) and the ECO Committee host the NHERI Graduate Student Council. If you have questions about the Council or the registration process, please email us at reu-request@designsafe-ci.org. We want to hear from you!