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With each issue of the NHERI Newsletter you will get an inside look at the goings on at several NHERI facilities. Find details on upcoming events, research and training projects, NHERI education and outreach programs, and general news from NHERI sites.

New Monthly Archive

Stories covered in the NHERI Research Quarterly will now be included in the monthly newsletter called NHERI News. Below, find a complete archive of articles from both Newsletters, detailing some of NHERI's most innovative and influential research.

Winter 2016

Welcome to the first edition of the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI) Quarterly Newsletter.  In this issue you will find:

  • UC San Diego shakes things up with research
  • Texas demonstrations 3D levee imaging
  • UW RAPID kicks into high gear
  • The Wall of Wind blows researchers away
  • UW looks at seismic events in the Pacific Northwest
  • And more, including an interview with the ECO


NHERI Quarterly: Issue 1 - Winter 2016 (PDF)

2016 Newsletter Archive

Currently, registered users of the DesignSafe-CI website who have opted to receive email notifications like the NHERI Quarterly Newsletter will also receive a NHERI Monthly Recap of all the community news articles posted throughout the month.

A few early monthly newsletters, however, had unique articles not previously published to the DesignSafe-CI website community news.  The articles from these early newsletters have since been added to the  NHERI Community News page, but you can also view an archive of them here:

Getting Featured

If you have a NHERI-related project you would like to see featured in a future edition of the NHERI Newsletter, please contact us with your ideas at: nheri.communications@gmail.com

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