Network Coordination
Office (NCO)

Coordination of NHERI-wide activities and awardees

NSF Awardee

On July 1, 2016 the Purdue University led team was officially named as the recipient of the Network Coordination Office (NCO) for the NSF-sponsored Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI). More information about the five year award can be found at the following link from the NSF website:

 NSF Award Announcement

Our Charge

This Purdue-led Network Coordination Office (NCO) center will (a) serve as a focal point and leader of a multi-hazards research community focused on mitigating the impact of future earthquakes and windstorms, and related hazards such as tsunamis and storm surge on our nation's physical civil infrastructure; (b) lead education and outreach activities; (c) work with our partner NHERI Experimental Facilities to ensure the efficient testing and user support within a totally safe environment. We will centrally coordinate the schedule and facilitate shared technical knowledge and best practices among the Experimental Facilities; and (d) develop strategic national and international partnerships and coordinate NHERI activities with the other awardee components to form a cohesive and fully integrated global natural hazards engineering research infrastructure that fosters collaboration in new ways.

UCSD Shake Table
This "shake table" at UCSD is an example of one facility the NCO will help schedule for NHERI work.

Get Involved

Multiple other avenues for community participation will be available through the various NHERI-wide education and community outreach activities led by the NCO. For example, the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program, Summer Institute for early career faculty and practicing engineers and architects, graduate students, and K-12 teachers, and NCO committees such as the Scheduling Committee, Education and Community Outreach Committee and others. We are excited about the opportunities before us and look forward to listening to your needs and working with you to achieve the NHERI vision of global research infrastructure where users are empowered to achieve enhanced national resilience and sustainability of civil infrastructure with fewer fatalities, less interruption to societal functions, and reduced economic loss by reducing the impact of earthquakes, windstorms and associated natural hazards such as tsunami and storm surge.

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The NCO has a clearly defined organization structure including both NCO staff and several committees which govern the direction of the NHERI program.  Community outreach and education is handled by the ECO group with the Learning Center and programs like REU.  The NCO is tasked with creating a science plan to help advise researchers in creating successful NHERI experiments and a Scheduling Dashboard to centrally oversee the efficient utilization of Experimental Facility assets to that end.


Discovery Park

The NCO offices are located on the campus of Purdue University as a center within Discovery Park, a 40 acre complex of facilities that provide open, collaborative research environments where interpdisciplinary projects are connected to the world.