NHERI Science Plan: Identifying Vulnerabilities

Published on September 24, 2021


The NHERI Science Plan identifies research gaps that need to be filled in order to render our infrastructure and communities more resilient. The Science Plan’s key research question #3 asks:

What are the key physical responses, vulnerabilities, and factors influencing post-event recovery of civil infrastructure and communities?

By characterizing response and performance of buildings and other structures using “vulnerability” as a criteria, it’s possible to identify threats to resilience and prioritize research thrusts. For example, research is necessary to identify vulnerability indicators and metrics; and to identify interrelationships of systems components — as well as interrelationships between civil infrastructure and community.

In addition, the research is needed to enhance performance-based design procedures for tsunami, storm surge and waves, and wind effects parallel to those available for earthquakes.

Read details about research question #3 in the NHERI Science Plan, available from the NHERI NCO Community Data repository.

Public bath house near the shoreline of Arahama Beach, Sendai, showing 4m of scour from tsunami (Photo: Lesley Ewing courtesy of American Society of Civil Engineers).