DesignSafe Radio: UNC Engineer Stephanie Pilkington on Natural Hazards Data Reconnaissance

The Structural Engineering Extreme Events Reconnaissance team, StEER, collects perishable data after major windstorms, floods, earthquakes


April 18, 2023, West Lafayette, IN. — In this two-part series, UNC professor Stephanie Pilkington joins NHERI's DesignSafe Radio podcast to introduce the Structural Engineering Extreme Events Reconnaissance group, known as StEER. The group's volunteer experts conduct post-event data reconnaissance missions after events like hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Pilkington explains StEER's virtual and onsite damage assessments — the fast-paced decision-making, logistics planning, and data sharing processes. Travel for post-event reconnaissance teams presents complexities and danger. Field-missions must coordinate with local authorities and emergency management teams, and often with federal agencies like FEMA, the Army Corps of Engineers and NOAA.

Stephanie Pilkington
DesignSafe Radio EPISODE 141, 9 minutes

Stephanie Pilkington
DesignSafe Radio EPISODE 142, 10 minutes

FULL PODCAST, 22 minutes

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Stephanie Pilkington discusses StEER’s post-event reconnaissance missions with with DSR host, Dan Zehner.


DesignSafe Radio is made possible by the NSF-funded Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure, NHERI, and the NHERI Network Coordination Office, award #2129782.