Explore DesignSafe's Enhanced OpenSees Resources

Published on December 4, 2023


Earthquake engineer and longtime OpenSees developer Silvia Mazzoni has joined the DesignSafe team to help improve the OpenSees user experience.

As part of our ongoing effort, Dr. Mazzoni has helped optimize OpenSees integration and update the OpenSees User Guide. Our goal is to assist researchers in selecting the appropriate combination of OpenSees application and DesignSafe resources.

All sequential and parallel OpenSees applications – OpenSees, OpenSeesSP, OpenSeesMP, and OpenSeesPy – are available on DesignSafe.

DesignSafe's updated OpenSees documentation includes Decision Matrix tables.

DesignSafe provides the perfect-fit platform for every stage of your project – from building and testing a simple cantilever column interactively on a dedicated VM, to running billions of parametric analyses of complex systems on the TACC supercomputer. DesignSafe's cyberinfrastructure has been designed with scalability in mind, with evolving systems and interfaces that are best suited to your project as its scope grows.

The overhauled documentation now contains two key Decision Matrix tables to guide you to the appropriate OpenSees application and Computing Platform to expediently achieve your research outcomes. There are also example job scripts and step-by-step instructions for job submission and file management.

In addition, as part of our expanded OpenSees resources, Mazzoni hosted a webinar tutorial with a focus on planning and managing your OpenSees project on DesignSafe. If you missed it, you can watch it on the NHERI DesignSafe YouTube channel.

More improvements to the DesignSafe user experience are in the works. Stay tuned!

DesignSafe-CI team
Tim Cockerill