DesignSafe Radio Podcast: Hurricane-Proofing Low-Rise Roofs

Wind engineer employs NHERI University of Florida experimental facility to protect homes from extreme winds


July 13, 2023, West Lafayette, IN. — In this two-part series: it's low-rise roofs versus hurricanes. Wind engineer Pedro Fernádez-Cában deploys the NHERI-University of Florida wind tunnel to determine specific ways roofs can be altered to redirect wind flow and reduce suction pressure. Constructing parapets on roofs, for instance, can prevent wind damage.

Another goal: use the UF wind tunnel's Flow Field Modulator to develop a geographical map for of wind conditions. By revealing how different locations are subject to specific sorts of damaging wind fields, engineers can provide practical mitigation advice to builders and homeowners.

Hear it roar: a cell from UF's Flow Field Modulator. Cover your ears!

Pedro Fernádez-Cában is an assistant professor in civil and environmental engineering at Florida A&M University-Florida State University College of Engineering.

Pedro Fernádez-Cában
DesignSafe Radio EPISODE 143, 9 minutes

Pedro Fernádez-Cában
DesignSafe Radio EPISODE 144, 9 minutes

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Wind engineer Pedro Fernádez-Cabán performs wind tunnel experiments at the University of Florida. He details his research with with DSR host, Dan Zehner.


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