NHERI Tallwood Project
Media Day Photo Gallery

Published on May 9, 2023

On May 9, 2023, the Tallwood team held a press conference at the NHERI UC San Diego facility. Reporters and visitors toured the shake table facility and the 10-story wood structure. And the media day highlight? The LHPOST6 shake table simulated the 6.7 magnitude Northridge earthquake and the 7.7 magnitude Chi-Chi quake. NHERI NCO operations coordinator Dan Zehner was on-site and recorded the day with photos and video. Images are free for public use. Please credit Dan Zehner, NHERI Network Coordination Office.

First shake on media day, 1994 Northridge 6.7M
Video: Second shake on media day, 1999 Chi-Chi 7.7M

It’s media day for the NHERI Tallwood project! From left, Dan Zehner, NHERI NCO, Koorosh Lotfizadeh, UC San Diego, and Cory Hancock, NSF

Data acquisition system for Tallwood – 746 channels, 4 miles of cable!

Tallwood PI Ling Pei and Emilie Rusch from Colorado School of Mines with test furniture. After the shake, the coffee cup hadn't even fallen off the table!

Small crowd atop the tenth floor of Tallwood

UCSD site manager Koorosh Lotfizadeh and the LHPOST hydraulic accumulators.

Red is hydraulic supply lines, blue is low pressure return.

Looking up the rocking wall between the glass curtain windows

Base of the columns for the rocking wall system.

NHERI REU students Sophrenia David (UMass) and Megan Butcher (Embry-Riddle) attended the May 9 shake.

Abigail Brenton, NHERI REU student from UC San Diego.

A number of students who worked on the Tallwood project were able to attend the media day shake. From left: Sir Lathan Wynn, Abigail Brenton, Unknown, Cherrie Qiaolin Li, Sophrenia David, Yi-en Ji, Shokrullah Sorosh

Tallwood co-PI Keri Ryan (U Nevada Reno) interviewed by Fox 5 TV.

Tallwood co-PI Jeff Berman (U Washington), admiring the 10-story structure.

Dan Zehner of the NHERI NCO on the LHPOST shake table.