NHERI Network Informs Attendees at the 2023 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco

Published on January 10, 2024


Faculty and staff from the NSF-funded Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure, NHERI met with meeting attendees at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, Dec. 11-15, 2023.

NHERI facilities represent a major NSF investment in openly available, shared-use research infrastructure. Assets include instrumentation and public-access data — as well as expert staff and intellectual resources to support natural hazards investigation. 

Greeting and meeting with AGU visitors were NHERI faculty and staff from the NHERI RAPID, the SimCenter, DesignSafe-CI, the NHERI User Forum, the NHERI Graduate Student Council, and the NHERI NCO.

  • Jasmine Bekkaye, NHERI Grad Student Council
  • Dan Zehner, NCO
  • Jinyan Zhao, SimCenter
  • Craig Jansen, DesignSafe and TACC
  • Joe Wartman, RAPID
  • Karen Dedinsky, RAPID
  • Jaqueline Zdebski, RAPID
  • Andrew Lyda, RAPID
  • Michael Grilliot, RAPID
  • Mohammed Khosravi, User Forum
  • Abiy Melaku, SimCenter
  • Matt DeJong, SimCenter
  • Adam Zsarnoczay, SimCenter

NHERI booth highlights included:

  • NHERI videos and footage from tests
  • Wave tank demo from Oregon State University
  • Scale models of mangrove tests from OSU
  • Lidar scanner used by NHERI RAPID
  • Shake table and base isolation demo with the NHERI TallWood model building

From left: Mohammed Khosravi, Karen Dedinsky, Abiy Melaku, Michael Grilliot, Craig Jansen, Dan Zehner, Joe Wartman


Karen Dedinsky, Jasmine Bekkaye

Mohammed Khosravi

Young visitor tinkers with the wave tank demo.